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  • The #asshat Syndrome
    Can you remember a time when one person made an entire experience miserable for everyone else? A case of the squeaky wheel getting the oil, perhaps. Do you turn a blind eye and allow one person to terrorize your team, or do you step in and set boundaries? Ultimately, the way we address problem makers […]
  • This is The New Leadership Balance
    The Women’s Code was designed to help define the specific attributes that women bring to leadership roles. It also promotes many tools to help us find better work-life balances, so we can establish and balance the new leadership direction. What is this new leadership balance that I keep talking about? Firstly, there is a growing […]
  • How To Turn Online Relationships Into Offline Dollars
    In my last post I explored reasons why you should engage in Social Networks. I also encouraged you to focus on building relationships through all your engagement points. This week, we are taking the next steps to turn your online relationships into offline business. This, of course, is the ultimate goal. Instead of writing and […]
  • You Should Waste Time On Social Media
    “Why do potential clients like me, but not book me?” This is the question my client asked today. He is a creative entrepreneur and has been diligently building his online tribe as part of his marketing strategy. According to the raving comments his followers write on my client's social media posts, they like him and […]
  • White Middle-Aged Men Move Over
    What a week for the United States! Confederate flags came down and same-sex marriage was legalized in every state. I am thrilled about it now, but I have a shameful confession to make. In my professional career working in the creative arts, I interacted with many colorful people, some of whom are openly gay. I'm […]

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