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  • Is This All You’ve Got?
    It recently dawned on me that throughout history—and especially in exciting Hollywood movies—solutions rarely come from the wise old men. Usually it’s a dashingly handsome and unruly young man or woman. (The disrupter.) Disrupters are necessary to shake up established ideas and to bring in new ones. Steve Jobs said everyone needs a personal computer. […]
  • Why Men are Fed Up with Feminism
    This post is for men. I know you are tired. I can tell you are fed up with constant discussions around what women want. I hear you saying, "What else could women possibly want that they don’t already have?" Women can vote and go to college, we have the same rights as men, we can […]
  • Top 5 Turn-Offs for Women
    If you don’t have haters, you are not pushing your issues hard enough. I learned that golden nugget from one of my mentors, Roy Williams at the Wizard Academy. And if you are going to have an opinion about something, you should make an effort to learn about other viewpoints. Otherwise, the applicable term is […]
  • Men Versus Women – Who Is Better?
    Take a deep breath. That is what I kept telling myself after my last post, which was titled “How To Avoid Saying The Wrong Thing… To Women.” I may as well have called it “How To Say The Wrong Thing To Men” because before I knew it, I was in the midst of a volatile […]
  • How To Avoid Saying the Wrong Thing
    I love doing radio shows and TV interviews. Steve, a host from a station in Chicago, just sent me an email asking me to come back on his show—urgently. His new producer has not yet heard me speak about gender decoding. Steve is worried that his producer's hot new relationship could be jeopardized because his […]

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