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  • Why Women Need To Pay Attention to Monica Lewinsky
    As the founder of The Women’s Code, the recent revelation of Monica Lewinsky as “patient zero” in cyberbullying stopped me dead in my tracks. In The Women's Code, all women support each other so ripping one of us apart in public is just not what we do. Yet, what she is saying rubs me and [...] The post Why Women Need To Pay Attention to Monica Lewinsky
  • This One Thing Will Drive Customers Away — Guaranteed
    If you've been following my posts, you know your business needs social proof. This is how buyers can verify your credibility through accolades on your website and tantalizing descriptions of your brilliance on places like Yelp, Facebook, Amazon, and TripAdvisor. But there is one big mistake many businesses make that can annoy even happy customers. […]
  • What Are You Waiting For?
    Why Aren't You Having Any Fun? We work so much and we are always busy, overwhelmed, and plugged in. We feel guilty if we don’t respond within minutes to a constant incoming stream of pinging emails. And no matter how many we answer and delete, the count keeps getting higher. My inbox currently has 1734 [...] The post What Are You Waiting For? appeared f
  • How To Throw A Virtual Temper Tantrum, And Why You Should
    Blogs and shared content gives us glimpses into the inner workings and belief systems of the thought leaders who post them. There is a reason why some posts get thousands of reads and "Likes" while other musings barely get a few glances. It all boils down to strategy. Strategy matters. Let me explain. Social networks [...] The post How To Throw A V
  • Why Not Getting What You Want Is A Good Thing
    I've been looking for an answer to a seemingly simple question: Why do we resist change even when something doesn’t work for us? For an entire year I have been cleaning up, changing, maneuvering, and moving things around. I made physical changes, emotional changes, and I’ve changed my mind over just about everything at least [...] The post Why Not Getti

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