Gender Decoding- How Diversity Equals Dollars
Gender Decoding- How Diversity Equals Dollars


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  • How To Deal With Messy People
    She lied right to your face, he didn’t take responsibility for the screw-up at work, and the project manager blames everyone else when she's the one who can't seem to, well… manage. If only people weren’t so unreliable! Or, as I now like to call it—messy. What can we do when we have to deal […]
  • How To Talk About Yourself Without Being an Egomaniac
    Newsflash! It’s imperative that you stop talking about yourself so much immediately. Why? Because there is a way to refer to yourself without rubbing off the “I” of your keyboard. One of the biggest mistakes in selling yourself and your services is by using “I” or “we” sentences. And FYI, “we” isn’t really all that […]
  • What If You Are Asking The Question Completely Wrong?
    One of the questions most frequently asked to those of us who have made it is, "What is the secret to success?" Wouldn’t it be nice if it could be boiled down to just one answer? Look no further, here it is! The background story for how this came to mind took place during a […]
  • How To Be Happy (A Three Step Approach for Working Moms)
    I had a lively discussion last night with two friends from middle school in Nuremberg, Germany. One is married with a teenager at home and the other is divorced with two kids. They each told me the same story that I have heard literally all over the world. Sabine said she’s gone through her second […]
  • 2% Women CEO’s — Is This The Most We Can Handle?
    Gender equality. Oh boy, it sure gets people going. Have women already made enough progress? Is it enough that women hold 2% of board and CEO positions, or should we keep pushing forward until we get to 50%? And why are we only focusing on women, shouldn’t we focus on all types of diversity while […]

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