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  • Authority Builds Your Personal Value Proposition
    I’ve written about the importance of your personal value proposition before. In short, it goes like this: Due to the onslaught of 24/7 information that your potential clients have to navigate, you MUST stand out. Not just as a business but also as an individual. You want to dazzle them with your bounty of knowledge […]
  • How to Build Your Authority Platform
    It's getting harder and harder to stand out from the crowd. If you own a business, you have a website, a Facebook page, and perhaps a blog. I'd bet your competitors have the same. And anyone who wants to get ahead in their career has a LinkedIn profile. At a time when individuality is a […]
  • Make a Difference in Just One Minute
    Business has changed. It is a relationship-driven environment more than ever before. Blame the Millennials, if you wish, for their insatiable appetite for peer approval and willingness to share. What do you personally stand for has never been more important than it is now and unless you genuinely connect with your tribe and followers, you […]
  • How To Deal With Messy People
    She lied right to your face, he didn’t take responsibility for the screw-up at work, and the project manager blames everyone else when she's the one who can't seem to, well… manage. If only people weren’t so unreliable! Or, as I now like to call it—messy. What can we do when we have to deal […]
  • How To Talk About Yourself Without Being an Egomaniac
    Newsflash! It’s imperative that you stop talking about yourself so much immediately. Why? Because there is a way to refer to yourself without rubbing off the “I” of your keyboard. One of the biggest mistakes in selling yourself and your services is by using “I” or “we” sentences. And FYI, “we” isn’t really all that […]

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