In business, is it better to be an extrovert or introvert?


Both are essential to running a successful business. By Beate Chelette Lots of talk these days about introverts and extroverts, generated by the bestselling book Quiet: The Power of the Introvert in a World That Can’t Stop Talking. Herself an introvert, author Susan Cain writes that introverts are “too often denigrated and frequently overlooked in a society that’s held in thrall to an extrovert Ideal--the belief that the ideal self is gregarious, alpha and comfortable in the spotlight.” The truth is, it’s not an either-or situation. Every person has many different faces, and it is … [Read more...]

Marketing Doesn’t Work

Marketing Doesn’t Work

It’s not true, of course. But to attract new clients and customers, you need more than a catchy headline. By Beate Chelette Admit it, this headline got your attention. It uses a well-known marketing trick--a catchy, provocative headline. The majority of readers will never open your emails if they don’t contain some kind of hook. That’s just a given these days with the TMI (too much information) overload most of us experience. A recent study by Harris Interactive showed that while interesting visuals are also strong lures, catchy headlines were “the top influencer on Americans likelihood … [Read more...]

How To Put Your Business On Steroids


Ten essentials for running a successful business. By Beate Chelette The question came up recently during a private coaching session with a client. What’s the right way to set up a business, she asked. And what will make it the most efficient? I happen to love questions like this because business is in my blood and helping people become successful is my passion and profession. My answers to my client—and to you--are based on my own personal and professional experiences in setting up companies, and what has worked for me. Building a business is like building a house. Many steps are … [Read more...]

When Is It Time To End Certain Relationships?


Tips on closing the door and opening others   By Beate Chelette   Most people we get to know in our business and personal lives aren’t meant to travel the whole road with us. We forget that sometimes, especially when there’s been a good connection, yet endings and new beginnings are the natural flow of life.   Every year I ask myself: What does my business and personal life look like? Where am I stuck? What worked and what didn’t and who do I want in my life and who doesn’t fit anymore? For me, I realized I wasn’t getting the support and results I … [Read more...]

How To Disconnect From Negativity


Set a time limit for when you will put a stop to negative thoughts and allow yourself to flourish again. By Beate Chelette You will find that I like acronyms and tools. It’s easier to remember something if we can build a bridge in our minds. We are talking about K.A.R.L. which stands for Know, Accept, Relax, Live. In this article I’d like to take a closer look at an often overlooked yet pleasant side effect of acceptance. As the mother of 19-year-old on the cusp of stepping into womanhood, I witness first hand how the conspiracy theory can throw some unexpected wrenches in your … [Read more...]

Tips for a Successful Start-Up Business

Start-Up Entrepreneur

Tips for a Successful Start-Up Business by guest blogger Sara Masterson You hear a lot of stories about people starting their own business and making their dream as an Entrepreneur happen and it going under just as fast as it started. This can make a lot of people nervous when they are thinking about opening their own business. However, there are some things you can do and keep in mind when building up your start-up to make it successful. These tips will help you start a strong business and get past problems that have brought other businesses down in the past. Make Sure You Have a … [Read more...]

Do You Take Things Way Too Personally?

how to handle difficult conversations

We have heard it hundreds of times: Don’t take it personally. It’s just business. Your boss criticizes your performance or a client decides not to renew your contract. Maybe a colleague gossips behind your back or sends an angry email cc’ing your superior. These scenarios are tough to take, and most of us would struggle not to take them personally. We know the mantra of keeping the personal separated from business, and yet, when you think about it, and I know this is true for me, my business is very personal. I dare say that other passionistas out there love what they do as much as me. So … [Read more...]

Why Setting Boundaries Is So Important


Why Setting Boundaries Is So Important Boundaries let people know that you respect yourself. By Beate Chelette "Whatever you are willing to put up with, is exactly what you will have." -- Anonymous That is so true! How people treat us is, in the end, our responsibility. Think about the times, at home, socially or at work, when you’ve allowed someone to take advantage of you and you let it pass. Maybe your partner tends to run late, and you’re often left waiting—and fuming. Or your boss blows a gasket and yells at you, berating you in the process, and you let it slide. … [Read more...]

Whatever Happened To Sisterhood?


How to make women your allies, not enemies By Beate Chelette It used to be called sisterhood, the feeling of kinship with other women that fosters support and community. Perhaps you’re fortunate to have a support group of wonderful women, but many women don’t. Frankly, I don’t see much sisterhood around today, except maybe in the HBO hit series Girls, where the spirit of sisterhood is in and on the air. In business, I’ve seen how badly women treat each other. Gossip, back-biting and sabotage are rationalized as justifiable means to achieve the end—career … [Read more...]

Bullies At The Office

Shaking hands at interview.

Women can be big bullies, too, but only if people accept their behavior. By Beate Chelette The phenomenon of bullying is a big topic in the news these days and it is having a devastating impact on kids at school, as well as women (and men) in the workplace. To me bullying is the zit on the forehead. When we are stressed, don’t take care of ourselves, we can get a zit. We can either treat the zit with a topical solution or address it where it originates. Should we focus on nothing other than an outward sign of something being wrong on the inside? Unless you take in the proper food and … [Read more...]