Is Your Life in Balance?

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This category includes job, career goals, fulfillment, hours worked, and financial compensation.

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I am stuck in my career

I find it difficult to focus at work

I can't always meet my deadlines and need to put in extra time

I don't have a real career plan

My career is at a standstill

I struggle to pay my bills

I feel powerless at work


This category includes family, friends, parents, children, relationships

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I never seem to have enough time for my family

My family takes so much out of me I have nothing left for myself

My home life has become stressful

My family or my partner isn't helping me enough

My partner doesn't appreciate me

I want more from my family and my relationship

I know that things should be easier but I don't know how to make that happen

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This category includes health, spirituality, social life, physical fitness, nutrition, body image, mental fitness, state of mind, religion, and beliefs

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I don't have enough "me" time

Even when I can find time, I can't seem to relax

My life isn't what I'd envisioned for myself; it's too much work

I frequently feel overwhelmed

I don't like the way I look

I should exercise more

I don't have time to eat right and exercise and I've got a poor body image

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