In business, is it better to be an extrovert or introvert?


Both are essential to running a successful business. By Beate Chelette Lots of talk these days about introverts and extroverts, generated by the bestselling book Quiet: The Power of the Introvert in a World That Can’t Stop Talking. Herself an introvert, author Susan Cain writes that introverts are “too often denigrated and frequently overlooked in a society that’s held in thrall to an extrovert Ideal--the belief that the ideal self is gregarious, alpha and comfortable in the spotlight.” The truth is, it’s not an either-or situation. Every person has many different faces, and it is … [Read more...]

Marketing Doesn’t Work

Marketing Doesn’t Work

It’s not true, of course. But to attract new clients and customers, you need more than a catchy headline. By Beate Chelette Admit it, this headline got your attention. It uses a well-known marketing trick--a catchy, provocative headline. The majority of readers will never open your emails if they don’t contain some kind of hook. That’s just a given these days with the TMI (too much information) overload most of us experience. A recent study by Harris Interactive showed that while interesting visuals are also strong lures, catchy headlines were “the top influencer on Americans likelihood … [Read more...]

Change or Move On?


When To Stay Put, Change, Or Move On Your business will tell you which is right for you. By Beate Chelette More than three months after Hurricane Sandy hit the northeast, entire neighborhoods are still struggling to overcome the devastation. Homes remain under rubble, many others are uninhabitable, and weary residents debate whether to move or rebuild. A natural disaster zeroes in on the question of when to stay put, when to change or just move on. Change is great when you have successfully gone through it, but I don’t know anyone who enjoys the usually painful process of growth … [Read more...]

How To Put Your Business On Steroids


Ten essentials for running a successful business. By Beate Chelette The question came up recently during a private coaching session with a client. What’s the right way to set up a business, she asked. And what will make it the most efficient? I happen to love questions like this because business is in my blood and helping people become successful is my passion and profession. My answers to my client—and to you--are based on my own personal and professional experiences in setting up companies, and what has worked for me. Building a business is like building a house. Many steps are … [Read more...]