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  • Men Don't Know, So Stop Pretending
    I am so tired of men telling me about work-life balance for women. You don’t know. Stop talking about it. I’ve had this discussion over and over again for the past seven years, and it’s the reason I developed The Women’s Code. In theory, men and women experience the same issues when trying to find [...] The post Men Don't Know, So Stop Pretending appear
  • 5 Relationship Principles I Learned While On Vacation
    Just yesterday, I returned home from my vacation in the Dominican Republic. Of the 20 people who shared the 10-bedroom villa, I knew only one of them before I got there. A bit nerve-wracking if you ask me. Would we get along? Would there be drama? Would this vacation be the rejuvenation I needed, or [...] The post 5 Relationship Principles I Learned While On
  • Selfishness Doesn’t Work
    There has been a lot of talk going around about the Pendulum that has swung to the other side of business. In other words, over and done are the days of the lone alpha CEO who rules his kingdom for maximum profit. Suddenly, we are talking about teamwork, the greater good, and businesses that act [...] The post Selfishness Doesn’t Work appeared first on The W
  • The Bitch-and-Bully-Free Office
    Warning! You may find this article offensive and it could strike close to home if you have ever been a victim of workplace bullying. Sadly, office bullies and bitches are commonplace. In an office that employs 50 people, 22 will be bullied and 18 of them eventually leave. Meanwhile, the company pays heftily for stress-related [...] The post The Bitch-and-Bul
  • Are You Resisting Change?
    You’ll probably recognize this conundrum. You may have been doing it for years. It goes something like this… You stay in a job, a relationship, the same fitness routine and diet for years and years and eventually realize your habits are not serving you any longer. The results (or lack thereof) show you that the [...] The post Are You Resisting Change? appear

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