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  • How to Grab Hot Jobs and Advance at Lighting Speed
    It’s so blatantly obvious. The new guy is trying to grab all the hot jobs—those jobs that get the most exposure and have the highest dollar value—even though he isn’t a very good project manager. He’s a number cruncher for crying out loud! Why won’t he let the team member who has the most experience […]
  • Wallflower Be Gone – How To Strut Your Stuff And Get Noticed
    Last week I wrote about creating your personal value proposition so you are noticed for the right reasons by your colleagues, friends, and family. Here is the second step on how to create your PVP. A PVP represents your personal brand. It is what you stand for. Or, as my friend Michael Drew says—it is […]
  • Stop Blending In – How To Create your Personal Value Proposition
    The single biggest mistake that most people and most businesses make is that they don't know what makes them special. To be noticed you want to identify why you or your business are not like the others. If you don't, you may as well be wearing an invisibility cloak. The first step to getting noticed […]
  • Why Women Need To Pay Attention to Monica Lewinsky
    As the founder of The Women’s Code, the recent revelation of Monica Lewinsky as “patient zero” in cyberbullying stopped me dead in my tracks. In The Women's Code, all women support each other so ripping one of us apart in public is just not what we do. Yet, what she is saying rubs me and […]
  • This One Thing Will Drive Customers Away — Guaranteed
    If you've been following my posts, you know your business needs social proof. This is how buyers can verify your credibility through accolades on your website and tantalizing descriptions of your brilliance on places like Yelp, Facebook, Amazon, and TripAdvisor. But there is one big mistake many businesses make that can annoy even happy customers. […]

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