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  • The Alpha Male is Dead, Long Live the New Masculine Man
    Last week I wrote an article that went viral about why feminine attributes are good for business. This week we take a look at how the role of the masculine man is changing. And yes, this is a business topic, albeit an unusual one. As the founder of The Women’s Code and with a corporate […]
  • Why Acting Like a Girl is Good for Business
    Strong and successful alpha (masculine) women are on the rise in the business world, along with feminine men. I love that we get to pick the persona that fits us best but role reversals are also a source of confusion. Let's be clear—this has nothing to do with sexual orientation. Who we are attracted to […]
  • The Subtle Difference between a Reality Check and a Positive Outlook
    What would happen if you switched your thinking to a radically positive outlook, no matter what? I survived a decade of bad luck and a string of life lessons, so I know a thing or two about overcoming adversity. An ugly divorce, life as an immigrant, my business destroyed not once—but three times due to […]
  • Forget New Year’s Resolutions – Do This Instead
    Are you already getting that knot in your stomach just thinking about what will happen when all hell breaks loose the first week of January? You need to organize your desk, make to-do lists, follow up, enter data, and most importantly—set your yearly goals. We’ve all read that people who set goals do better and […]
  • Love and Loathing of Internet Leaks in the Age of Authenticity
    Heads are rolling. Amy Pascal will not make it. Sony can do nothing to avoid the avalanche of bad press, snide comments, and our secret enjoyment as we evaluate which of our heroes will fall from grace and whom we will still believe. Truth is, we suspect that certain people are very difficult to work […]

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