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  • Love and Loathing of Internet Leaks in the Age of Authenticity
    Heads are rolling. Amy Pascal will not make it. Sony can do nothing to avoid the avalanche of bad press, snide comments, and our secret enjoyment as we evaluate which of our heroes will fall from grace and whom we will still believe. Truth is, we suspect that certain people are very difficult to work […]
  • Sorry, I Have No Time For You …How to Fix Your Life and Save Your Sanity
    Last week I shared with you that I yanked my boot off quickly and harshly and ding’ed my butt. This week I’ve been dealing with poor sleep and my migraines are making a comeback. The timing couldn't be worse. Between year-end planning, paying bills, preparing for next year, getting online courses and programs ready to […]
  • Five Quick Tips To Stay Balanced
    It has begun. The season of excessive running around. Holiday parties, rehearsals, finals that stress your kids out, family members announcing their arrival, travel arrangements, getaway plans, and...everything else. This is the quiet and reflective time of the year, right? It is easy to give in to endless hours at work so you can finish […]
  • Using your Personal Value Proposition To Become Liked and Respected
    She’s driving you crazy. You know exactly whom I mean. When the boss is around she’s sweet, soft, and says all the right things. The boss is enamored with her because she is smart and an asset to the team. The only problem is that nobody else likes her. She’s a raging bitch the minute […]
  • How to Grab Hot Jobs and Advance at Lighting Speed
    It’s so blatantly obvious. The new guy is trying to grab all the hot jobs—those jobs that get the most exposure and have the highest dollar value—even though he isn’t a very good project manager. He’s a number cruncher for crying out loud! Why won’t he let the team member who has the most experience […]

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