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  • Here Is How We Can Make This Country Great Again
    Donald Trump represents the middle-aged angry white man I so often talk about. Really, I should thank him. He is giving a voice to every man who would like to return to a time when the world was still in order. His campaign is based on very simple and outdated principles: Women: please stand back, […]
  • Burnout: Are You Over-Complicating Your Life?
    Here's the scene: You thought that major project through from concept to final astounding results. You checked off all the pro’s and con’s, hammered out the details with people experienced in this sort of thing, and you ended up with a spreadsheet and an outline that showcases your dazzling brilliance. But for some reason, your […]
  • A Hard Look At the Power of Blonde Bimbos
    Enough of this nonsense! You won’t find me getting too deep into politics. Most people are stubborn about the topic and believe their opinion is the only valid viewpoint. Your family’s political background, your own experiences with being employed or being an employer, your health history and your interactions with your doctor—all these things and […]
  • Beyond Corporate Transparency– Can I Trust YOU?
    It’s Wednesday and I am sitting with a private client for her VIP Day and we're reviewing her business idea. We establish the verbiage, the USP, client profiles, and finally we arrive at designing how her personal story fits into her business. Why? Because the story of how you arrived at creating your business is […]
  • The #asshat Syndrome
    Can you remember a time when one person made an entire experience miserable for everyone else? A case of the squeaky wheel getting the oil, perhaps. Do you turn a blind eye and allow one person to terrorize your team, or do you step in and set boundaries? Ultimately, the way we address problem makers […]

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